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T e a c h e r ' s   W o r k s h o p s

All workshops were created and taught by Ella Ben-Aharon in studios and conferences in Israel and abroad. 

To invite a workshop, contact us!


Once Upon a Reflex

Infant Reflexes in light of Pilates


Very Touching

Touch as integral tool for Pialtes Teachers



Myofacial Slings

Prime movers as kinematic chains


Bring it down

Manifesting the Reformer repertoire on the floor, using props


Body Analysis

Architectual view of the body - Locked long/short theory



Teaching skills; 3 different methodologies of teaching a split equipment class


Disassemble & Explore

Developing creativity as a teacher; Breaking down, play, experience, create



a Fresh format for a Pilates class, based in repetitive sequence & mindfulness


Free Your Spine

Exploring the spine and the mind outside the method (Pilates) through release, ROM, and efficiency


Click & Save your body

Saving the body in screen era...

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