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Guphologia LTD. was established in the fall of 2017. Directed by Ella Ben-Aharon, Guphologia is a platform for art, therapy, and research. Guphologia offers cultural events and professional/educational workshops for dancers, teachers, therapists as well as the general community. Through a blend of physical, intellectual, artistic activities, and multi-disciplinary dialogues, Guphologia aims to enhance bodily awareness, self-expression, and well-being as a mindful way of life. Guphologia operates Studio Naim - Maze, opened in May 2016. 


Born and raised in Israel, after dancing with the "Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 2," Ella moved to the USA and lived there for 11 years. She holds a BFA in Dance from California Institute of the Arts, and an MFA in Choreography from Jacksonville University/White Oak, FL. In addition, Ella is a Pilates Master Teacher with Pilates Sports Center (LA). 


In NYC (2004-2010), Ella established her non-profit dance ensemble, in addition to teaching and directing the Pilates studio at the Reebok Sports Club/NY. Her choreographies and video-dances were presented at important venues and festivals around the world. Ella was a guest-teaching artist at the University of Florida, University of Wisconsin, Citrus College, Miami-Dade College, Jacksonville University, UC Berkeley, The Rubin Academy in Jerusalem, The Ben-Gurion University, and the school of the New York City Ballet. 


Ella believes in multidisciplinary approach and has been engaged in numerous collaborations;
An artistic 'Trialogue' with architect Matthias Neumann and video-artist Adi Shniderman, producing numerous projects together inside and out of the theatre space. An ongoing collaboration with composer/performer Odeya Nini, and more recent engagement with Neuroscientist, Dr. Asaf Bachrach. Her work, All-Most, a collaboration with Dr. Bachrach, brought to the studio as well as the theater space research practices, and offered – in real time – an experiment that documents physiological and cognitive responses of the dancers as well as the audience to touch and relationships.


In October 2010 Ella returned to Israel. She was a member of the Israeli Choreographers Association, and in 2016 Ella was granted the Schusterman Foundation fellowship as Resident Artist for a semester teaching and creating at Kennesaw State University, in Atlanta, GA. In May 2016 Ella had opened a studio for Pilates and Movement in Tel Aviv, Studio Naim - MAZE,  through which she shares her curiosity and awareness for the human body and mind.


Ella continues to explore her dynamic vision of the body as a manifested vehicle of humanness; 
Art, philosophy, anatomy, research and therapy render the negotiation between structure, aesthetics and functionality. Her teachings are saturated with experiential anatomy, images and conceptual ideas in order encourage well-being through a complex and versatile experience.

Pilates; Choreography; Research; Consultation; Education

Guphologia owns and operates Studio Naim - MAZE, Tel-Aviv

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