S t u d i o  N a i m  M A Z E

Guphologia owns and operates a Pilates and movement studio in the heart of TLV
42 Maze St. Tel Aviv / www.naim.org.il


Our magical jem in the heart of Tel-Aviv, crossroad of Rothschild Blvd. & Maze st., is Naim's flagship studio for Pilates. We are focused on providing an holistic approach to movement, a meaningful experience of self-awareness, exploration, and change in a creative, joyful and accepting manner.

Classes offered -

Pilates Mat

Pilates Apparatus;

(group classes & privates / rehabilitation)



Areal Yoga 


Teacher's classes

Continuing Education Workshops

In addition, we provide Pilates Certification Programs by the American school, PSC - Pilates Sports Center.

Pilates; Choreography; Research; Consultation; Education

Guphologia owns and operates Studio Naim - MAZE, Tel-Aviv

guphologia@gmail.com  I  +972 52 3639269  I                   

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